Sister Derby Names Medikal Her Best Rapper?

In the past months, there have been a lot of issues surrounding AMG Business rapper Medikal and Sister Derby.

Real name Deborah Vanessa has been in the news in recent times following her sudden break up with the latter.

For many girls, after a break up, the guy, who is your ex becomes your enemy.

But from all indications, Sister Derby isn’t that kind of ex. She still supports him despite everything that has happened.

Sister Derby Names Medikal Her Best Rapper?
Sister Derby

Nominees for the various categories have been released for the 20th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The “Ayekoo” hitmaker got nominated in a number of categories and the “Best Rapper” category is not excluded.

The Twitter account for Muse Africa made a tweet some minutes ago asking who the public thought the best rapper was at the moment.

Sister Derby Names Medikal Her Best Rapper?
Sister Derby

How many ladies will point out their exes as the best? I am just asking a question though.

Well, the “Kakalika” singer mentioned Medikal as her best rapper. Yes, Medikal is the best rapper according to her.

I honestly think people should learn from this. Most times, your ex isn’t your enemy.

Some real shid done in here. I love Sister Derby for this. I don’t know for you too….

Meanwhile, Sister Derby has announced she is about to release an EP dubbed “The African Mermaid EP”

Anticipate that one as well!!!

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