Singer-Songwriter Daisy Gill Releases Her New Single “Telephone”

Daisy Belle Gill is a singer and songwriter who hails from Liverpool. She was born and nurtured in the heart of the city, which is also the homeland of other musical acts like the Beatles, the Las, Echo and the Bunnymen, and many more.

Daisy is most often referred to by her nickname, Daisy Gill. Daisy began to teach herself how to play the piano when she was only five years old. She has also taught herself how to play the guitar and the flute on her own. It wasn’t until she was eleven years old that she began writing songs.

Daisy then began singing in school choruses, and as she grew older, she also began composing her own songs. Oddly enough, the fact that she adored the programme and aspired to be exactly like Miley Cyrus has always served as motivation for her to pursue a career in music.

Her first performance was when she was 12 years old, and ever since then, she has been steadily developing not just as a musician but also as an artist, producing song after song and performing performance after performance. Daisy has had a lot of time to mature and improve as a result of this, and it is clear to see in the trip that she has taken as an artist.

Singer-Songwriter Daisy Gill Releases Her New Single “Telephone”
Singer-Songwriter Daisy Gill Releases Her New Single “Telephone”

As an artist working in pop, r&b, and hip hop, she has the perspective that the pop/hip hop scene is all about being consistent and putting a new twist on things, two aspects that she truly appreciates and loves about the genre.

Daisy absolutely loves and looks up to Alicia Keys because she is so skilled and has accomplished so much in her career, which makes her an enormous source of inspiration for her music as a female producer and composer.

It’s reasonable to say that this latest song, “Telephone,” is highly personal, even if it’s not just about one person since it’s about finding a lover cheating on his girlfriend with another woman. The vocals on Telephone are powerful, and the band’s songs have their characteristic infectious choruses. This diva is building a name for herself, and Daisy Gill is doing it in a manner that is both loud and proud.

Gill is a Major Simmer and really loves the Sims. She could play this game for weeks on end without getting tired of it. During the lockdown, she uncovered her old Nintendo console and all of her Sims games, and she played through all of them to completion.

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