Sicard Hollow Releases ‘Face The Wreckage’ Ahead Of Their Forthcoming Album

Sicard Hollow is a progressive bluegrass band consisting of four members who came together out of a shared interest in expanding the limits of their music.

These youthful pickers, who are heavily inspired by the Grateful Dead and Fresh Grass Revival, add new vitality to a classic style by combining daring improvisation and instrumental skill. They have been heavily influenced by the Grateful Dead.

The band got its start because its members all had ties in the Nashville music industry and had a common desire to make music that was unique. They were all learning about bluegrass at the same time while concurrently participating in their other scenes. After then, the events that followed are well documented in history.

This collection of musicians has spent the last year travelling extensively around the Southeast, and their sound continues to develop with each and every performance that they give.

Dan Davis, the band’s producer, had his job cut out for him during the production of their first album, Secret of the Breeze, which took place at Southern Ground Nashville and was produced by Zac Brown and Oliver Wood. The band has always seen themselves as a live band.

The end product was an excellent representation of the band’s unwavering commitment to breaking the boundaries of its genre. Sicard Hollow shows no signs of letting up on the gas pedal.

Sicard Hollow, a four-piece progressive bluegrass band headquartered in Nashville, has just announced their upcoming release of the full-length album titled “Brightest Of Days.” This news comes on the heels of a run of tour dates around the United States.

Using pop-punk melodies, psychedelic instrumental breaks, and existential songwriting, all performed by a bluegrass quartet decked out in tattoos and tie-dyes, the band’s sophomore full-length album brings new life to an ageless style through a combination of fearless improvisation and instrumental prowess.

To mark the occasion, Sicard Hollow has released the first single from the album, titled “Face the Wreckage” coupled with a rare video from the recording of the song “Brightest Of Days.”

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