Sharon Watkins Returns With The Neo-Soul Anthem For Summer “Stranded”

Sharon Watkins is a British singer, songwriter, and composer who moved to the United States for eight years to develop her indie-pop style ballads after she won the UK Northern Songwriters Competition. Watkins is known for her ballads that fall between folk and indie pop.

Her much-anticipated debut single, “Proud” which was an uplifting pop ballad and was debuted in January of this year, has already been organically welcomed into many national radio stations and a lot of news sources. “Proud” was a song about being proud of who you are.

The pop-ballad “Proud” is an emotional roller coaster that takes us on a trip that begins with betrayal and anguish and ends with victorious recovery. Sharon Watkins has spent her whole life creating songs and singing them on stage. She was born and raised in Manchester, which is a home to vibrant music industry.

However, after an unanticipated pause in her 20-year career in global marketing, she was finally able to devote time and energy to her music and record an album with her brother Sammy J Stopford, who is also an asset to the music industry.

Sharon Watkins Is Back With The Neo-Soul Anthem For Summer ‘Stranded’
Sharon Watkins Is Back With The Neo-Soul Anthem For Summer ‘Stranded’

Sharon Watkins is back with her new single “Stranded” which is the neo-soul anthem of the summer. The song is a celebration of freedom.

This British soul song with Motown influences celebrates the sensation of being free but being unsure of where that freedom may lead you. Sharon provides a fresh viewpoint to her work, as well as the ability to impart valuable lessons that she has picked up along the way in her journey through life.

This endeavour, for her, is “the ultimate comeback narrative from health challenges, breakups, and redundancies. She is discovering her power in the midst of the unknown with the publication of the single “Stranded”

“Stranded” is the ideal uplifting summer song due to its screaming sax solo, catchy chorus, and cheerful atmosphere. The official music video for the single, which is included with the single, does a good job of capturing the upbeat and jovial spirit of the song.

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