Sensational Anna Katarina Out With New Single “Gracie”

At a time when excess is pervasive in mainstream music, Anna Katarina, a critically renowned indie folk and pop musician, delivers a track that is anchored in minimalism and piercing simplicity. In Anna’s latest single, “Gracie,” her gorgeous voice adorns the strong grooves that are created by a steady strum of acoustic guitar strings and an accompanying beat, yet the harmony that it forms with the music in this song is still vivacious.

After the success of her summer pop single “Golden Days,” Anna has released the second single from her first album, Daisychain, titled “Gracie.” This expressive beauty of a song is propelled by the lyrics, and it pulls at the listener’s emotions, forcing them to engage in introspection and contemplation. The song “Gracie” will enchant you with its sound, which is reminiscent of Brandi Carlile, Sheryl Crow, Watchhouse, and The Bros. Landreth, among others.

After experiencing similar struggles with depression, herself, the author was inspired to write “Gracie,” which is about coming to terms with one’s identity. The song is sad and beautifully sorrowful, yet there is a glimmer of hope and some comfort in there as well.

“Gracie” was recorded at Park Sound Studios in Vancouver, BC with support from Creative BC. Bass was performed by Andy Schichter; all other instruments/vocals performed by Anna Katarina.

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