Searching For Sergio Reveals Their Latest Single ‘Unsettled’

Searching For Sergio, a London-based four-piece band, was formed with the goal of evoking fond memories through music.

Their take on the 60s/70s style offers a modern twist on a vintage sound, with members having roots in electronic music production.

Since they have two lead singers and four multi-instrumentalists, they can express many different emotions through their music.

More details about their music career and new single “Unsettled” are revealed in a casual conversation.

What is your real and official showbiz name?
Roger Reid, Fursey Rossi, Max Barrett & Dan Boulden-Hibbert – Collectively known as Searching For Sergio

How long have you been making music and what attracted you to it?
As a band 6 months but individually spanning as far as 10 years

What were your first project and the people you worked with and which year?
Searching for Sergio originated as an electronic duo in 2019 – One of the singles from this period, Stumbling Block, can still be found on our Spotify (As well as other platforms). We decided at the end of 2021 to onboard two friends and turn into a 4 piece band.

Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why?
We are inspired by anyone who pushes the boundaries and creates their own lane. As individual artists, we each have our own style, some singer-songwriter, some electronic, some hip hop.

Our background in music productions gives us a lot of ways to approach songwriting. We are particularly inspired by music that is formed from a fusion of a classic sound with a modern twist.

Some of our collective inspirations are Men I Trust, John Mayer, Skinshape, Pink Floyd, Puma Blue, Yussef Dayes, Tame Impala, and The Black Keys.

What are your friend’s and parents’ thoughts on your career in singing?
Our friends and family are very supportive of our music.

Searching For Sergio Reveals Their Latest Single 'Unsettled'
Searching For Sergio Reveals Their Latest Single ‘Unsettled’

What are some of the challenges you face in your career path?
Balancing a day job/social life along with the music. Not getting enough exposure/reward in relation to the amount of time we invest.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
It has saturated the Market but equally empowered artists and taken away some power from the major labels. It has also impacted the way that we consume music as now we are spoiled for choice and cherry-pick songs we like into playlists rather than enjoy albums in full.

Music is now more of a service than a product. Aside from that, networking has become easier than ever and you can even collaborate with people online which is beautiful.

It is worth noting that we actually met Max (Lead singer and guitarist on unsettled) on Soundcloud so this has been quite integral for us.

Do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters?
Make as much as possible, you will be surprised how much you have improved once you look back after a year, then two years, then three etc.

Try and commit yourself to finish tracks but equally understand that sometimes the track is never finished, it’s just when you decide it is the right time to let it go into the world.

What is your current project about?
Unsettled marks the beginning of a chapter for the group having Previously worked together as individual artists and friends. This song ignites the name Searching For Sergio.

Stemming from loose and fun jam sessions, unsettled touches on the challenging aspects of being in a relationship, that period of uncertainty where it can go either way. Moody chords taking influence from a vintage Blues and Soul sound weaved into a 3/4 time signature reflect on a sombre, introspective state of mind.

All this was delivered in the form of a loose live feeling in an attempt to keep the recording as special as that initial session we had together.

What does this song mean to you?
This song represents the inception of Searching For Sergio as a group.

What are your hobbies?
They vary within the group, music, of course, is the main one. We all play a few instruments and like to experiment with producing different genres (sometimes electronic).

Some members DJ, some members are big sports fans.. football, F1, Boxing. We enjoy going bowling and just generally going to pubs/bars… enjoying life

What do you do aside from this profession?
Hospitality, Construction, Recruitment

What is one message you would give to your fans?
Join the Search Party.

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