Scottish Songsmith Tommy Ashby Unveils Captivating New Single “Lifeline”

The new maritime track from Scottish musician Tommy Ashby, titled “Lifeline,” demonstrates his ability for penning real and moving reflections on relationships, and it was inspired by sailing.

After spending his childhood in Scotland, surrounded by hills, Tommy moved to the picturesque coastal Suffolk area, and that transition is firmly ingrained into the spirit of this most recent relaxing offering.

I ’ ve never lived close to the sea. Growing up in Scotland, my village was landlocked, surrounded on all sides by hills and mountains. During the pandemic I moved out of London onto the coast of Suffolk. A random choice you might think, but my girlfriend grew u p here and its pull on her was strong. ‘Lifeline’ is about how one person can connect you to a place and make it mean something to you because it means something to them. Now I get so much happiness from the seabirds and seals swimming off the coast near o ur house. I genuinely used to find the sea scary and intimidating, probably due to many a stormy night spent in a tent with my parents on the wild west coast of Scotland. I didn’t realise it could be calming. It has a tranquillity I haven’t found anywhere else.

Tommy Ashby is a Scottish musician and prolific writer who has the unique ability to capture the inherent beauty of daily situations in his own euphony of ethereal sonics and quiet vocals. Ashby is from the country of Scotland.

The sound that Tommy has developed was achieved in a makeshift studio by experimenting with a wide variety of recording methods and instruments. Because of his passion for sound, he earned a doctorate in psychoacoustics, which is the study of how the mind reacts to different sounds, and he formed an innovative cooperation with Grammy Award-winning producer Sam Okell.

The ‘ Lifeline ’ Video was shot in Iceland by Andy Little. Iceland was incredible, around every corner was an amazing landscape, but it was the little details that made it so captivating. The abandoned fishing boats, the bright white pebbles glow ing on the black beaches, the seabirds nesting in every crack and crevice of the cliffs.

Tommy’s musical education consisted of listening to a wide variety of artists, such as Gillian Welch, Neil Young, James Blake, and Jeff Buckley. As a result, he has developed an appetite for a melodic and expansive sound that begins in the wilds of Scotland and comes to life in Sam’s Cornwall studio on the clifftop coasts.

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