Scot Free Sessions Premieres Debut Single ‘Ford Motel’ From Forthcoming Album

Canadian composer Scot Robinson originates from Edmonton, Alberta and is a member of the Scot Free Sessions, a group of musicians noted for their work together.

His father has been a major music enthusiast since he was a youngster, therefore he has a lifelong appreciation for it. Their home was constantly filled with the sound of music. Guy Clark, Warren Zevon, and Bob Dylan are all major influences on the Americana Roots Music that he likes to sing.

Scot Free Sessions Premieres Debut Single 'Ford Motel' From Forthcoming Album
Scot Free Sessions Premieres Debut Single ‘Ford Motel’ From Forthcoming Album

One of Scot’s influences is Stewart Stern, the author of “Rebel Without a Cause,” since he has always been interested in the writing process, having written plays and studied filmmaking.

His next record, titled “Edmonton Skyline,” will be released in the autumn of 2022 with the help of artists he got together. 14 of the 85 songs he co-wrote with Bobby Cameron are included on the forthcoming album. It’s an opportunity to express oneself and convey a tale.

As for “Edmonton Skyline” “Ford Motel” is the first single from that album. This song has Bobby Cameron (Long John Baldry) on vocals and guitar, James LoMenzo (John Fogerty, Slash) on bass and Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp. Bob Dylan) on drums.

As a five-time finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, Scot Free Sessions has been placed in the top 3 in the lyrics category three years in a row (2021). A summertime open road tune, “Ford Motel” belongs to the Americana / Country Rock genre. Thank you for your time, sir. Appreciated.

Travelling is one of his favourite pastimes, and he has been to over 75 countries. He is also an avid reader and film fan. After the movies, he’d clean the aisles for his folks, who managed a movie theatre.

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