Scoobert Doobert Finally Gives You “A Song To Quit Your Job To”

Scoobert Doobert Finally Gives You “A Song To Quit Your Job To”

United States musician, Scoobert Doobert begins this year with “A Song To Quit Your Job To”

“A Song To Quit Your Job To” capitalizes on the current cultural trend of reevaluating our life.

In these times of societal change, this California artist offers a welcome antidote. 2022, out now on Beformer Records, is set to offer some fresh beginnings, and here’s hoping it starts with a tune.

Finding $d (Remastered) is a compilation of songs that he wrote, recorded, and mixed in a single day.

When he recorded Gud Gud Medicine, he was sick with the flu and his second album, $WAMI$, is nostalgic and was recorded entirely in a bathrobe whereas his third album, Dragon Ball $d, is a hip-hop opera that covers most of the Dragon Ball Z tale.

Masks and Monsters, his fourth album, was recorded in North Park during the lockdown. Little Hug, his fifth album, is about the process of re-entering the world. Giant Embrace, his next album, is about attempting to deliver a big hug to my audience.

Listen to the new one below.

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