Saven Returns With His Latest Single ‘I Want To Believe’

Saven is a Swedish and American musician who specialises in indie-folk and alternative rock.

His singing is an eclectic combination of genres, which he attributes to his upbringing as the child of mixed-race parents as well as his travels to many parts of the globe.

His songwriting has given him the ability to identify his own personal blind spots by allowing him to explore what is on the periphery of his mind. This has allowed him to become more self-aware.

In spite of the fact that Saven began creating music when he was only thirteen years old, it took him more than twenty years to get over his fears and make his debut. A few months later, he decided to follow his love for music full-time and resigned from his day job.

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He believes that others will be able to connect to his experiences and be encouraged to take on their own challenges by listening to his original music and tales.

The pop rock song “I Want to Believe” expresses the yearning for conviction and the struggle with a lack of faith. This expansive tune expresses a feeling of isolation as well as an awareness of how vast the world and the skies are when one does not believe that they are a part of them or that they maybe even deserve them.

This earworm gets off to a roaring start with an electric guitar playing the primary theme and a steel guitar providing some really catchy strumming to establish the tempo.

After thirty seconds, when the bass guitar and drums kick in, you realise that this song has attitude, and the remainder of the music does not fail to retain your interest throughout.

It was a great surprise and a lovely touch to hear church bells as the song was reaching its crescendo. This added an additional welcomed twist not just to the musical experience as a whole, but also to the words themselves.

It is catchy and powerful, and it portrays the sentiment of dealing with the larger challenges in life as well as oneself in a lovely way.

“I Want To Believe” is the song for you if what you’re looking for is a stirring pop rock track with lyrics written in the singer-songwriter style.

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