Saturn 17 Impresses With “Not My Fault”

About Saturn 17

Founded in 2019, Saturn 17 plays in the indie pop/rock genre. They are led by Nika Fazeli and Halsey Bousquet, a songwriting pair that draw inspiration from the beauty and tragedy of their home state of California as well as their own personal highs and lows, joys and sorrows. Saturn 17 broke out in 2019 with “could this be love?,” which has been streamed over four million times on Spotify and became the band’s signature song.

The “could this be love?” EP, which accompanied the song, featured a more developed version of the band’s indie rock/pop style and further established them as a group to keep an eye on. unprecedented interest in “Could This Be Love?” Their EP was included on premium Spotify playlists including “sad girl starting pack,” and they now have over 132,000 monthly listeners. With the release of their latest single, “not my fault,” they have begun promoting their highly awaited follow-up EP.


About the release “Not my fault”

Saturn 17’s latest hit, “not my fault,” captures the unrealistic optimism and naive romance of a first forbidden love wonderfully. To balance off the sour frustration of Saturn 17’s previous song, “jazz club,” they released “not my fault.”

Having a wonderful and open friendship inside the band, in addition to the tool of music, really helps them process some of the tricky feelings while having a crush. The band is eager to see where this new direction in sound takes them, since the new song expands the saturn 17 musical world. Have a listen below and let us know what you think.

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