Sarkodie’s “Biibi Ba Challenge” Goes International


Sarkodie’s “Biibi Ba Challenge” Goes International

If you are on social media and you follow quite well or not there is certainly one thing you can’t miss out on and that is the “Biibi Ba Challenge”.

This was actually introduced by Africa’s most decorated rapper, Sarkodie, and the motive was to bring out upcoming rappers.

It has since gone viral on social media as many underground rappers keep releasing their versions of the song.

Sarkodie’s “Biibi Ba Challenge” Goes International

The official song has not been released yet but hey, it everywhere already on social media.

Well, as it stands now, the challenge does not include rappers from Ghana alone but from the outside world too.

In a video sighted by on Sarkodie’s Instagram page, an excited Sarkodie shared a video which was obviously shot abroad with a white guy doing his own thing.

The rapper’s nationality is quite unclear but you could hear some English in there.

Looks like this thing has really gone far. Sarkodie with the major moves.

In a caption to he video he wrote, “So this is where the #BiibiBaChallenge is now ??? 🌏🦅🦅🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏾👌🏾”

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