Sarkodie Shares Photos Of His “Bleeding vrs Feeling” Moments


Sarkodie Shares Photos Of His “Bleeding vrs Feeling” Moments

If you are a fan of Sarkodie then you should have known his very early beginnings. The guy has been bleeding for long.

Sarkodie’s story is very inspiring and trust me when i say he is one of the main reasons why most boys are rapping now.

The CEO of Sarkcess Music has paved the way for most rappers in Ghana and he keeps doing it for the culture.

Also, if you know how Sarkodie started, there are certain groups of people you can’t take out of the picture.

The likes of his wife Tracy, Possigee, Angel Town, Pogasty, Black Nana, his fellow Tema boys, Kwaw Kese, Da Hammer etc.

Sarkodie Shares Photos Of His "Bleeding vrs Feeling" Moments

One song off Sarkodie’s Alpha dubbed “Bleeding” talks about how he evolved and people he is so grateful to for holding him down.

In the song he narrated how he used to suffer and struggle trying to get to the level he is now. He also showed appreciation to a number of people on that record.

From what we at know, Sarkodie is set to drop his second music video from his 5-tape EP.

Before he finally drops it, he has decided to share his “bleeding vrs feeling” periods with his fans on social media.

Check out some of the tweets below..

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