Sarkodie Narrates How Titi Reacted After Surprise Visit

Yesterday, March 28, 2019, was the 3rd birthday of Sarkodie’s daughter Adalyn Owusu Addo, popularly known as Titi.

Titi is actually one of Ghana’s favorite celebrity kids and for anything that has to do with her, it starts to trend on social media in no time.

If there is something you can take out of his lovely dad, then it is the fact that he mostly puts up a straight face.

Sarkodie Narrates How Titi Reacted After A Surprise Visit

Many fans have complained about Sarkodie mostly “frowning” in real life and even in his pictures.

In as much as Sarkodie looks more handsome when he smiles, he is fond of putting up this very straight face depicting “too much seriousness”.

But well, that is his style and we as fans have little or no power to change it.

It also happens that, his beautiful daughter, Titi took after him according to Sarkodie’s narration.

Sarkodie Narrates How Titi Reacted After A Surprise Visit
Sarkodie and Titi

The Adonai hitmaker narrated how he paid Titi a surprise visit at school yesterday and instead of a cheerful face, she frowned.

He stated that he wasn’t bothered at all because he knew his daughter had taken after him. However, the other family was.

He also noted that, that was just a facial expression most times but the emotions were different and that, she was actually very happy.


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