Sarkodie Comes To The Aid Of A Depressed Fan


Sarkodie Comes To The Aid Of A Depressed Fan

For the record, depression has killed a lot of people today and it is very unfortunate things like this keep happening.

There are a lot of young people out there who actually need to be consoled, advised, motivated and even inspired.

So please, if you find a friend or a loved one in this particular situation or circumstance, never feel reluctant to reach out to the person!

Anyways, we don’t mostly hear of things like this and even those who do it do them off social media. It’s all good.

Sarkcess Music CEO, Sarkodie, has reached out to a depressed fan who poured his heart out on social media.

Sarkodie Comes To The Aid Of A Depressed Fan

The said fan with username @valentinomcdona said in a tweet that he was a bit under the weather and he was dealing with a lot of things.

He went on to say there was a lot of negativity packed up in his mind and that he needed to speak to someone.

Sarkodie upon seeing the depressed fan’s tweet decided to extend a helping hand. He replied the tweet asking the fan to send him a message immediately.

I know since Sarkodie has asked him to get in touch, there is definitely something in stock for him. Life Saver!!

This might not be news to many people but it is something worth sharing. If you find someone like this, don’t forget to help them.

If not for anything in this world, at least give them a listening ear. That goes a long way!!

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