Sam Himself – “Never Let Me Go”

Sam Himself, a Switzerland’s “King of Tears” and New York’s foremost Fondue WesternTM baritone, is back with “Never Let Me Go,” the lead song from his forthcoming second album. The lovelorn stomper is a complete fusion of bold intimacy and anthemic pop. Less than a year has passed since his debut LP Power Ballads propelled Sam Himself to international prominence. Which was able to gain his first entry on a national chart, radio airplay in Europe and the United States, and nominations for two Swiss Music Awards.

Sam Himself - "Never Let Me Go"
Sam Himself – “Never Let Me Go”

Before Power Ballads, Sam was gaining notoriety for his “smoky baritone vocals” (Under The Radar). His Slow Drugs EP (2020) was released not long after the COVID-19 breakout. Sam was on tour in Europe when the epidemic halted live performances. When Sam Smith’s music began to gain popularity, he was stuck in Switzerland. He remembers the encounter as the first time since the epidemic that he saw “real light” at the end of the tunnel. Sam’s creative engine was ignited by the flying sparks, and he soon had an album’s worth of new tunes.

Sam recorded the majority of his Power Ballads remotely, swapping home recordings while he was in exile. Sam has had the privilege of working with legendary engineer Greg Calbi (David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen) for a number of years. Calbi mastered the genre-defying mixes of producer Schlett. The music video for ‘Never Let Me Go’ amplifies the visually bizarre vibe that has been Sam Himself’s signature. Before embarking on a large tour of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the rest of Europe, the singer is scheduled to perform a series of showcases through 2022. Several North American concerts are planned for the beginning of 2023.

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