Salt Ashes Shares Her Newest Single ‘Didn’t See It Coming’

Salt Ashes, also known as Veiga Sanchez, exploded into the electronic and dance music world with her characteristic dark synth-pop melodies and zeitgeist club vibe.

This was all influenced by Giorgio Moroder’s combination of disco and epic gloomy atmospheres.

She came out with the songs “Somebody” and “If You Let Me Go” in 2014, both of which peaked in the top five of the Billboard Dance Charts and the Music Week Dance Charts, respectively.

The singer also provided her composition and vocal abilities to the singles “4Love” by label-mate Kristian Nairn and “Give It Up” by emerging producer CRUELS. Both of these singles gained great support all over the globe.

Salt Ashes, a singer and songwriter based in London, has released her newest brilliant track, titled “Didn’t See It Coming” after the immediate popularity of her previous single, titled “Body Says,” which was released in February.

Salt Ashes bring a fresh perspective to the standard love song, resulting in the creation of something that is more intimate in every respect. She does this by showcasing her mastery in the art of marrying beautiful, dreamy vocal melodies with massive electronic dance beats.

Salt Ashes bursts free with explosive bass and drum kick-offs, while biting synthesisers give a magnificent floor for her airy floating vocals to dance on. Her characteristic sound of dark-rhythmically throbbing dance music is at play here, and the track has her signature sound.

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