Saer Returns With A Powerful And Touching Synth Pop ‘Sorry’

Singer, songwriter, and producer SAER is from the United Kingdom and is known for his unique blend of experimental pop and electronica that captivates listeners with his fascinating vocals and catchy melodies.

‘Sorry,’ by SAER, starts as a sombre meditation on the plight of a couple in need of reconciliation. One who is seeking redemption.

As the chorus fades out, the music transitions into a lush synthesiser backdrop, propelled onward by a relentless electronic pulse. There are musical references to 1980s hits in the song.

A tribute to Netflix’s “Stranger Things” was created by Paul Griffin, who was inspired by the show’s timeliness and overwhelming fandom.

Saer Returns With A Powerful And Touching Synth Pop 'Sorry'
Saer Returns With A Powerful And Touching Synth Pop ‘Sorry’

What is your real and showbiz name?
My real name is Simon Davies and the performer’s name is SAER

Where are you from (hometown)?

How did you get into music?
I was fortunate to have instruments in the house growing up. My brother is a guitarist and my mum a pianist so was immersed from an early age. Around my late teens, I would seek out new music, local to me and took immense pride in being able to play with some wonderful songwriters.

What field or genre are you into and give a brief description of what your field feels like?
I love ambient minimalist music but am also drawn toward folk singer-songwriters. Acts such as Susanne Sundfor and Aurora walk this line beautifully and allow their vocals to story tell and yet be an ethereal instrument also.

Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why??
I’m motivated by my family and friends. Creative characters in my life who have supported me in making bolder decisions.

What does your current song/album mean to you?
This track has been a labour of love and quite a guilty pleasure especially when the synth kicks in. The track began as a pensive piano piece and as the vocal effects finished a chorus it left some interesting artefacts which led to a whole new direction. I really like this track and the alternate structure.

When recording there was reverb on the vocal that held my attention and I just wanted to experiment with different soundscapes. The synths added such a drive later in the song and allowed for great fun recording the vocals in homage to some retro pleasures!

What are your hobbies?
I work as an Assistive Technology Consultant supporting people in their independence and communication with technology. I enjoy photography, mainly macro shots when out on a walk.

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