SA Hip-Hop star “Prokid” dies after severe seizure

SA Hip-Hop star “Prokid” dies after severe seizure

SA Hip-Hop star "Prokid" dies after severe seizure

News about the sudden demise of South African rapper sent shockwaves all over the internet on early Thursday morning. The family of The award-winning hip-hop artist Linda “ProKid” Mkhize wants to keep the privacy of the their beloved, and promised to reveal more after the family has gathered.

ProKid’s family confirmed the news in a statement, and sympathizers just cant stay mute over their lose.

“The legendary SA hip-hop artist affectionately known as ProKid … passed away on Wednesday. He suffered a severe seizure attack while visiting friends and paramedics were called in to assist. They did their best to revive him to no avail and called his time of death at 8.38pm,” read part of the statement.

Tributes from fans and high-profile individuals expressed how much of a blow the rappers death has caused and their sincere condolence. The South African Government shared their condolences as well.

The rapper died of Seizure at age 37



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