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About S E R É N A T E

Diego Alonso, a Mexican architect and producer, has been working on his solo project           s e r é n a t e since the beginning of 2019.

His debut album, titled “todos los domingos,” was released in May of 2020 on the Mexican label Turista Universal. It’s an entire album packed with soothing, lovely music. Later that year, he dropped a 6-song EP called “amor fati” that honed in on a specific lyrical style while continuing to play with lo-fi production values.

Diego’s project matured and he continued to experiment with new sounds in 2021, when he released five singles that were hailed by the Mexican and international press. After the success of singles like “now you get to love” and “spaceboy,” Diego is ready to release “caso de estudio,” the fruit of his years spent honing his craft while maintaining a lighthearted attitude.


About The Release “caso de estudio”

The newest EP from s e r é n a t e is an EP of three songs that have different vibes but are still connected through Diego’s one-of-a-kind and laid-back project style. Infused with samples of beatnik author Jack Kerouac and featuring a grand piano and breakbeat-inspired drums, “american haiku” is a song with a lofi aesthetic. Outstanding introduction to the EP.

Then there’s “how,” a song with a more house-y vibe, featuring a haunting and sexy spoken word that builds an ambient that will eventually become engulfed by a guitar riff’s passionate intensity. Such a perfect love song. The third piece is my favourite and is titled “to all the plants I loved.” This song is instrumental and it’s about love that sets you free. A synth arpeggio and a flute carry the tune at the outset, and they are followed by strings and ocean sounds at the close. Case of Study is best appreciated in a relaxed setting.

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