Ryan Castro Releases ‘Amor De Una Noche’ From His Forthcoming EP “Reggaetonea”

The Colombian reggaeton artist Ryan Castro has recently released his first extended play (EP) titled “REGGAETONEA” He has been working on this project for a number of months.

In recent years, Ryan Castro has emerged as one of the most critical figures in reggaeton music in Latin America. With barely two years under his belt, he has amassed more than a billion views across all of his songs that are hosted on YouTube.

On Spotify, he has more than 16 million subscribers who listen to him on a monthly basis. He is regarded as “The Ghetto singer” due to the fact that he exemplifies the street culture that is characteristic of the urban genre. He is originally from the city of Medellin in Colombia.

Ryan Castro is at the forefront of the new urban wave in Colombia, which has allowed him to travel all over the globe, finish two tours in Europe, and most recently started a tour in the United States.


“REGGAETONEA”  in Ryan’s words, a reflection of the sounds that can be found in his neighbourhood and on the streets. He guarantees that his songs “include the phrases and the words used by the kids of the neighbourhood who are called Neas in Medelln.” Neas is the colloquial name for the city’s youth. At parties in Medellin, it is the music that everyone listens to and dances to.

In addition, Ryan wants to give out old-school reggaeton recordings to the public by means of this EP. “That’s why we utilise the language, the clothes, and everything that made us first fall in love with reggaeton,” he says.

“Amor De Una Noche” is a song inspired by the vintage reggaeton that first attracted the audience in Colombia. Now, with the launch of the EP, Ryan Castro has released the music video for “Amor De Una Noche”

it’s the sound that I loved when I first began listening to urban music

The events of a single night provide the framework for this discussion. A tale about a solitary, self-reliant lady who spends a night out hoping to find love. Felipe Mejia served as the video’s director. Filming took place in the city of Medelln.

Ryan Castro has just returned from his second tour in Europe this year, during which he took part in some of the most prestigious summer festivals that are held throughout the old continent. Now, he is preparing for his journey throughout the United States by packing his suitcases.

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