Ronna Riva Unleashes Her Latest Single ‘Follow’

Romanian singer, songwriter, and composer Ronna Riva is from the country of Romania. She is one of those artists who is dead set on proving to the world that she deserves to be recognised for her talent.

The waves of the Black Sea gently lap up against the coast of Constanta, Romania, a city that has a rich history to its name. It is also well-known for the unique feel that each and every artist who was born there takes with them everywhere they go.

Ronna Riva is not different. Ever since she was a little girl, she adored performing on stage. She had previously begun performing live with the Viva band in Romania when she was just 13 years old.

But it wasn’t until after she completed her schooling that she gave her undivided attention to her one genuine passion: music. Ronna admits that music is infectious and that once it has a hold on you, there is no escape since it becomes ingrained in your spirit. Through her songs, she hopes that everyone will feel connected to her.

Her amazing musical range has been shown via her work with a number of foreign musicians, including Will Jordan, who was nominated for a Grammy, and Pooyan Mokhtari, an Iranian rapper known for his extraordinary skill.

The song “Follow” is about the game of love; it exudes a feel-good atmosphere and an upbeat, hopeful spirit; and it works very well on TikTok.

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