Rob Lea Prescribes “Summer In The Morning”

About Rob Lea

Rob has always had a passion for music. Rob, the youngest of five children, really shone whenever there was a chance for him to take centre stage, be it at home or at school. Rob played the violin, guitar, piano, drums, and even trumpet at the helm of the Blackpool Orchestra, all thanks to the encouragement and support of his music teachers throughout his schooling.

Rob joined local rock band Black Pearl after working as a performer in Benidorm for a year and then returning to the UK to study the performing arts. Being the band’s lead singer for the first time solidified his belief that this was the role best suited for him to communicate with fans. Following that, Rob became a member of bands paying homage to Take That and Queen.


Rob Lea Prescribes "Summer In The Morning"
Rob Lea Prescribes “Summer In The Morning”


Rob finally found his footing when he was given the chance to combine his two great passions, acting and music. Rob formed his very own Queen tribute band, and they’ve since played in front of thousands at prestigious venues around the world. Rob signed a five-year contract with a booker in the United States at the height of business for the Queen tribute after many years of hard work, and then the pandemic hit.

His job vanished overnight, and he had a tough time making ends meet. During this time, Rob made the decision to create music on his own for the first time in a very long time. After it was safe for the Queen tribute to perform again, Rob included some of his own songs in his shows, to resounding applause from his devoted audience. Rob was inspired by this and in April 2022 he released his first official single titled “Reflection.”


About the release “Summer in the Morning”

“Summer In The Morning”, Rob Lea’s brand new offering, was released just in time for the warmer months. This new song follows his debut single, “Reflection,” which was released earlier this year and received a lot of positive attention from mainstream media outlets and local radio stations.

In an instant, “Summer In The Morning” creates a kaleidoscope of bright, light colours that are skillfully woven together with Rob Lea’s powerful vocal work. The song’s tone paints a picture of a bright, sunny world, perfect for lifting anyone’s spirits on a gloomy morning. Rob has composed a catalogue of Pop paragons and performed to sold-out crowds across the UK and Europe since finishing as runner-up on ITV’s Starstruck. Rob’s TikTok fans will serve as a major social media push.

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Young and vibrant man I am, God fearing, warm at heart. Music is bae food is life. If you've seen this then you know me!!!

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