RnB Soulstress Jayd Ink Returns With The 90’s Style Single ‘Rollin’

The R&B vocalist Jayd Ink, who is located in Toronto and whom we should all be familiar with by now, has once again shocked audiences by unveiling her brand new, three-track mini EP titled “Catching Red Lights

The collection known as “Catching Red Lights” is without a doubt Jayd’s most emotionally open work to date. Comprised of the reflective and inward-looking lead song titled “Queen St.” she couples this with the new, sexy, affirmation-filled track titled “Rollin” as well as the reflective track titled “Stuck on Earth” which has a vibe from the 1990s.

Jayd gets us caught up and captured in the veils of her velvet-like singing and laid-back sounds, and the song isn’t very long or very sweet, but it is undeniably alluring. We are enthralled and become more interested in her every action, and we find ourselves securely wrapped around her tiny finger as we anxiously anticipate her next move.

Jayd untangles her thoughts and dissects her sentiments as she ventures deep into the underworld with the album Catching Red Lights. As a result, she puts her passion into each and every moment and tunes on the album.

This first mouthwatering taste of her new creative age places Jayd in the ideal position as she re-emerges into the world, bursting through the soil after being carefully incubated, and taking her proper place as she genuinely flourishes.

Jayd demonstrates her unpredictable nature and well-earned confidence in her craft, demonstrating yet again what an exciting player she is in the regal realms of R&B. This EP is a somewhat unusual offering, as it is just shy of the traditional 4-5 track EPs that are often seen throughout the industry.

It is without a doubt that ‘Catching Red Lights’ will leave fans feeling seen, heard, and very connected to Jayd. This is because she shares everything in a real manner, all the while leaving fans wanting that little bit more.

Some things are certain when it comes to Jayd Ink, and one of those things is her unwavering ability to deliver music that is enveloped in class, oozing with flair, and dripping in complete and utter finesse, all of which are abundant in ‘Catching Red Lights.’ Despite the fact that she is constantly keeping us on our toes, there are some things that are certain when it comes to Jayd Ink.

Jayd mixes her own distinctive threads into the intricate fabric of the rich tapestry that is her music, creating an atmosphere that is evocative of the identifiable sounds that characterised the R&B scene of the 1990s.

Every note cascades with precision, falling over a background that is studded with smooth, calm rhythms in the manner of chill-hop music, perfectly encapsulating her unquestionable calibre, which is brilliantly embodied via her soulful voice and liquescent tone.

In everything that she makes, Jayd exudes an aura of tranquilly and sensuality, and “Catching Red Lights” continues to exude a beauty and elegance that is difficult to find but much desired.

Catching Red Lights is about slowing down and learning to appreciate the moment. During the lockdown I took the time to sit with myself, dive deeper into my thoughts, my fears and my overall wellbeing. It was a lot of reflection. These three songs are a combination of how I was feeling during that time.

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