River Lane Returns With ‘Strength In Me’ To Combat Self-Doubt

Emma Schlueter, better known as River Lane, is an Adelaide, South Australia-based singer, songwriter, and composer.

River Lane is well-known for her voracious appetite for knowledge and a lifelong fascination with the natural world. New instruments and technologies are constantly being tested by River as she continues to delve deeper into herself and the aquatic world she’s building.

River Lane Returns With 'Strength In Me' To Combat Self-Doubt
River Lane Returns With ‘Strength In Me’ To Combat Self-Doubt

River was a quiet child, and music was a way for her to express herself without saying a word. She began playing a variety of instruments at an early age. As a result, she felt confident enough to use her soothing voice and feel at ease with her own body.

Her favourite kind of music is avant-garde and cinematic. It was the intensity of the music that truly brought a scene to life for her whenever she watched movies.

For her, this song serves as a gateway to her new style, and she is fond of the story-telling components that it has. Strength In Me is the second release of River Lane’s “Less Of A Woman Project”.

Self-acceptance may be difficult to achieve in a society that encourages us to mistrust our own abilities. There are five songs in the “Less Of A Woman Project” that take you on a cinematic, oceanic voyage through River’s life during the worldwide epidemic when she was forced to look at herself honestly and analyze how that made her feel. As difficult as it was, River saw it as an opportunity to become closer to herself and others, and she has embraced it as such.

River is also a sealant contractor for her parents’ tiling business, a novice filmmaker, and a board sports fanatic (surfing, skateboarding, wake surfing, waterskiing, skim boarding).

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