Rising South-London Producer Crafty 893 Returns To His Grime Roots “Don’t Miss”

Crafty 893 is a Grime musician and producer located in South London. He brings a lyrically raw and technically impressive style to all of his tracks and applies it consistently.

Crafty wants to share not just his experiences, but also his goals via the songs he writes and the instrumentals he creates. Crafty grew up in an atmosphere that is generally connected with ‘The Ends’.

Crafty 893 goes back to his grime beginnings and shares a soul-influenced smash with the world called “Don’t Miss.” The song is about a fight that took place in the past. Another sample from Crafty 893’s upcoming second album, titled “Boot It” will be released in October 2022.

“Don’t Miss” is a track that was made for the Crafty 893 heads. The song is the sole one on the new album that can be classified as pure grime, and it is centred around a loop of r&b/soul music.

The prolific group has already released a number of singles, the most notable of which include Crafty’s first vocal and love ballad “Easy Nuh” the Boondocks-themed single “Senior Don” and the LP titular track/visuals “Boot It”.

All of these songs are going to be on Crafty’s next long-playing record project titled “Boot It” which is an eleven-track burner that pushes the boundaries of Crafty’s musical creativity.

Crafty’s musical development and flexibility are on full display in the track “Boot It” which marks a departure from the straightforward grime sound of his first album, “Smart Dumb” and the beat-style production of his subsequent album, “Weapon X“.

Instead, the album seamlessly and organically switches it up between a palette of UK sounds such as rap, trap, drill, and afro-swing with Crafty MCing, singing, and sometimes even amalgamating the two in a unique way, all while remaining true to Crafty’s foundational grime roots. This is accomplished while remaining true to Crafty’s foundational grime roots.

Crafty is responsible for everything on ‘Boot It,’ including composing, MCing, producing, recording, mixing, and mastering the music, as well as guiding the artistic and creative direction of the album on his own. The album does not include any other artists.

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