Rising Pop Singer Alexa Cappelli Returns With Her New Single “Lose Lose”

Alexa Cappelli, a rising pop singer and songwriter who has been acclaimed by MTV as the “voice of a generation,” is back with her new single “Lose Lose,” which has been released by Arista Records.

Alexa Cappelli crafts her songs out of sincere confessions, straightforward ideas, and life-changing events, all of which are conveyed in their raw, unfiltered form by her show-stopping voice. The singer and songwriter from Southern California do not hold any punches and open up courageously with attitude and tenderness in equal measure throughout their music.

She pursued music with her full heart after making the decision to abandon her undergraduate studies early. She started writing and recording her own music after being motivated to do so by a wide range of artists, including Maggie Rogers, Sigrid, Julia Michaels, Dua Lipa, Sabrina Carpenter, and Jon Bellion.

During the height of the worldwide epidemic, her tune “Forbidden” began to gain popularity and quickly racked up over 2.5 million plays on Spotify. She mesmerized the TikTok community with her commanding performances and refreshingly honest postings.

Alexa has a dress sense that is uniquely her own, and it is perfectly in tune with the subtleties of the music. It’s one of her favourite hobbies. She is an animal rights activist and a fervent advocate for sustainable living in addition to being vegan.

Her family has always placed a strong focus on advocacy, as seen by the establishment of the non-profit organization Steven’s Hope for Children as well as the thrift store A Lot of Good Thrift.

It wasn’t always the case that Alexa’s voice came across as forceful and brave, despite the fact that it now has a rich and warm feel to its vocal timbre. Alexa’s newest single is a blazing alternative pop anthem called “Cut the Cord” which was developed in collaboration with Skyler Stonestreet. The song is about ending a toxic relationship.

The ardent vocalist conjures up tiny vibrato notes and melodies that are reminiscent of roller coasters, which quickly attract the listener’s attention, while her emotive lyrics convey personal memories.

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