Rising London-Based Girl Group FLO Returns With Their Sophomore Single ‘Immature’

FLO has spent the last two years fine-tuning every aspect of their performance, from their music to their appearance.

After relocating from Mozambique to the UK at the age of five, Stella and Renée connected through their shared passion for singing as well as their mutual acquaintance with Jorja.

Hertfordshire-born Jorja was on her own musical path when they met by accident at an audition; she had been born in Germany but had grown up in Hertfordshire.

In March, Flo’s R&B/pop masterpiece “Cardboard Box,” inspired by the year 2000, went viral throughout the world. “Golden Age R&B” is reimagined with futuristic trap twists and delicate vocal splicing by Renée, Stella, and Jorja.

FLO, the most talked-about British R&B female trio, released their highly anticipated new track “Immature,” produced by partner and mentor MNEK. It captures the spirit of an act in charge of their musical and visual identity.

FLO and beatmaker Jamal Woon team up once again to create a midtempo earworm laced with dreamy guitars and glistening synthesisers. “Immature” is a sleek futuristic R&B tune that symbolises the power of three ladies working together.

You can expect a complete preview of what’s to come with their next EP, “The Lead.” Come along on the ride as the next major lady group takes shape!

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