Rising Future Pop Artist Nykki Returns With Brooding R&B-Laced New Single ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’

Pop music from the Czech Republic created by Nykki is characterised by bubbling synthesisers, driving beats, and unmistakably sugary vocals.

The song “Right Place Wrong Guy” was written by Nykki and producer John Foyle, who is most known for his collaboration with Mae Muller, whose significant pop hits include, amongst others. The song finds a happy medium between alternative R&B and pop.

The swaggering earworm blossoms over sludgy, vicious basslines and frantic swarms of percussion programming. There is lots of freedom to experiment with texture and Nykki’s layered vocals throughout the song.

Lyrics that are both penetrating and inspiring show Nykki contemplating a relationship that is doomed to fail while exuding an air of self-assurance.

Songwriting has been a tool that has helped Nykki save her life. When the epidemic was at its height, she connected with producers and co-writers from all over the globe. The outcome of these transatlantic online sessions was the track “Me Over You” which was written with Salt Ashes.

Nykki has just released a number of bangers, which have established her as a promising newbie. The artist, who was born in the Czech Republic, was propelled into the international pop world by her debut single titled “No Cry“.

Billboard praised the Czech-born artist for having “commanding vocals” and gave their stamp of approval to her debut video. Since its premiere on the most influential music media brand in the world, her debut video has racked up over one million plays on YouTube.

With the song “Right Place Wrong Guy” Nykki asserts her place as an artist by demonstrating her ability to confidently move into uncharted territory musically and her capacity to transform any personal life experience into an entrancing tune.

The music video for the new song “Right Place Wrong Guy” by Nykki is out today, and the track itself is also available. Listen to “Right Place Wrong Guy” in its entirety right here. Watch the video for “Right Place Wrong Guy” by clicking here.

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