Rihanna launches her Fenty online store

Rihanna launches her Fenty online store

Fenty Beauty family

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection was launched online in over 150 countries at midnight EST Friday morning and been  sold in Sephora stores and online everywhere.

The collection includes more than 40 shades. Fenty Beauty products will range between $20 and $39 per product. The super covetable Match Stix, which are cream highlighting sticks, will come in 10 different shades and cost $28 a pop, and the Gloss Bomb “universal lip illuminator” comes in one “universal” shade and will cost $20.

Surprisingly Fenty online store is barely a day old, but the site is jammed with tons of customers trying to patronize some of the products.

Web traffic on Fenty online

well patience is indeed a virtue, it’s either you hold on in queue or forget having the products.

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