Ridi Unleash Her Single “What You Are All About”

Ridi Unleash Her Single 'What You Are All About'

Ridi Unleash Her Single “What You Are All About”

Ridi’s love of music began when she was about eight years old – aside from the usual running around the house screaming melodies at the top of her lungs at that age, her formal training began in classical music/& jazz, later combining that with opera lessons as she grew older, before finally turning to pop music.

I always enjoyed playing around with melodies, and when I had feelings to vent I wrote in a diary (like most teens). I suppose the hard injustices I felt recently, pushed me into using all my musical training to finally make my own lyrics & song for my debut Single ‘Top Guy’. I don’t think I could ever sing somebody else’s lyrics now, as that would be like singing somebody else’s heart.”  – Ridi

Ridi is also the co-founder of the anti-bullying initiative ‘Stop the B,’ which she co-founded with her sister Vasundhara. Ridi’s art highlights the notion that, regardless of who you are or what your history is, anybody may endure injustice. Her effort has received the support of footballer Ronaldinho, world-renowned independent scholars, and an invitation to speak at a UNESCO international anti-bullying event in Sweden this November. Ridi believes that her music will address some of humanity’s most uniting topics while moving through a Pop Rock/ dance atmosphere with all of Ridi’s own flair.

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