Resting B!tch Face Releases “BYOB”

Resting B!tch Face are an exciting new band out of Birmingham, UK. The band consists of Jasmin, Queen Yatisha and Franciis who graciously lead vocals, Joe and Owen performs magic on the guitar, Sar and Lou who lays down some bass and Jackson who sets the tempo with the drums.

Female and non-binary printed, RBF comprises of primarily members of the LGBTQ+ community, all of which are students of the world-renowned Academy of Contemporary Music in Birmingham.

Their first release, “BYOB,” is a satirical take on the current Conservative Government’s response to the “Partygate” scandal, the “Cost of Living” problem, and the government’s longstanding treatment of refugees and immigrants.

In “BYOB,” Resting B!tch Face achieves a degree of self-awareness and emotional depth that many bands only dream of. The band’s debut displays impressive showmanship, and they have produced a song of which they may be justifiably proud.

Follow RBF on: Website, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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