Renowned Songwriter Chloe Lilac Has Released Her New Single ‘Sick’

Renowned Songwriter Chloe Lilac Has Released Her New Single ‘Sick’

Returning with a vengeance in 2021, Chloe released her first song from when I feel better, “10 things,” this summer, a take on the iconic ’90s rom-com. The gritty alt-pop take on a “friend split” emerged on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday,’ leaving publications like MTV News and EUPHORIA yearning for more from Chloe’s new era.

Renowed Songwriter Chloe Lilac Has Released Her New Single 'Sick'
Renowned Songwriter Chloe Lilac


Following the release of “19,” listeners were treated to a compelling analysis of the status of the world as Chloe navigated her own self-examination as a teenager in troubled times. The contemplative track, which ends with an irritated sigh, was included on NPR’s ‘All Songs Considered’ and is now available on the mixtape as a new acoustic version, stripped-down and exhibiting an intensified emotion in her vocal delivery.

Today, the mixtape is available in its entirety, along with a new song called “sick.” The dreamlike production, echoed by Chloe’s cutting poetry, contributes to her analogy of relationship poison as a spreading illness from which she must withdraw herself in order to restore her power.  During the uncertainty that hung over most of 2020/21, Chloe Lilac used her DIY background to self-direct and self-shoot two official films in her Brooklyn home while under quarantine, and she has also established herself as a powerful crusader for social concerns.

Chloe has become a light of bravery and an example for young women and artists, from standing out for LGBTQ rights during Pride Month (see cooperation with here) to joining the battle for racial justice. The poignant narrative has been a recurring motif in Chloe’s career, beginning with the release of her 2019 debut EP, Manic Pixie Dream, which received many places on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ as well as Billboard attention for her track “High School.”

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