Junes UB Release A Classy Video To His Single ‘YGM’

Junes UB Release A Classy Video To His Single 'YGM'

Junes UB Release A Classy Video To His Single ‘YGM’

This year, West London’s growing trap scene is all the rage, and Junes UB is one of the artists driving it. His trappy, American-inspired uptempo rhythms, combined with his jaunty, deep-voiced UK rap flow, provide a sound unique to the UK scene.

June’s adaptability to a wide range of instrumental styles is also notable. His background in reggae and soul-centred atmosphere influenced his musicianship since he grew up listening to reggae legends such as Bob Marley and Gregory Isaac.

As he grew older and acquired his own musical tastes, he became more fond of American music. With performers like Lil Durk and Chief Keef cited as influences, the influence of American trap and drill is evident in his music. He never really listened to UK music until he was older, but that’s when he began to appreciate it for what it was, and this respect is definitely reflected in the music he makes.

Years of polishing, constructing, and curating his style have paid off to offer us the true “June UB” sound we listen to and adore, having begun rapping at the age of fourteen. June UB is an artist to keep an eye on this year, as the UK trap scene grows by the day. More albums, collaborations, and special appearances are on the way.

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