Red Velvet Papi Premieres His Latest Single ‘ETA’

Rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer Red Velvet Papi is from the city of New York.

Red Velvet Papi is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer who was born in New York City. He is most known for his work under the moniker “Red Velvet Papi,” which evolved from a playful Instagram username that paid tribute to Drake.

But don’t be fooled by his cockiness; Red Velvet Papi approaches music in a very conscious manner, painstakingly selecting every piece, presenting a gripping tale, and establishing his own universe in the process.

He began his career in music production when he was 11 years old and has continuously worked to polish his abilities and talents since that time. Even though he first solely produced for pals, he ultimately got the self-assurance to move to the forefront as a singer.

Red Velvet Papi made the transition from the board to the booth in March of 2018, when he released his debut song, “Martin.”

Red Velvet Papi continues to strive towards producing the finest music he possibly can and establishing a wide archive that both his present fans and future fans will be able to enjoy for years to come. He does this while keeping vulnerability as the anchor for his work.

Red Velvet Papi, an up-and-coming rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer located in New York City, has just released his newest track, titled “ETA.”

Red Velvet Papi sings, wants to connect up with my beloved and I’m impatiently expecting their arrival for some late-night kissing, over a rhythm that is both spacey and silky.

The lyrics focus on his desire to be intimate with his partner. The release of this track comes after Red Velvet Papi’s previous two singles, “Sunshine” and “Dream Come True.”

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