Raydeo Unveiled Debut Single “Action Figure”

Originally hailing from the United States, Raydeo is both a rapper and a composer. He has worked with bands such as Kot in the past.

The evidence is right there in front of you! He was nurtured in hip hop’s golden era music, which began when he was born in New York City to parents from the Dominican Republic.

Raydeo’s monthly presentation, “Freestyle Friday,” in which he demonstrates his lyrical ability over famous rhythms and instrumentals, began to get a lot of attention once it debuted.

The new track “Action Figure” by Raydeo is the musician’s first release in more than a year at this point. Stoic Beats, a collaborator of longstanding, contributed to the production of this hard-hitting hip-hop song.

Recording, mixing, and mastering of the song was handled by Mark Matter of Record House in Queens, New York.

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