Ratchet Releases Heartfelt Single “Fixed Heart”

Ratchet is an independent indie artist that was born and raised in the Netherlands. He is 19 years old. It all started with him wanting to play the guitar better so he could impress a girl, but now he creates music on a daily basis and has no plans to quit in the near future.

The easiest way to explain his music is to picture yourself on a walk through a brightly illuminated metropolis in the middle of the night. Each song has its own unique (dark) vibe, and the majority of the time, it conveys a tale about Ratchet’s own personal struggles. He makes an effort to maintain an air of mystery while ensuring that his music may be appreciated by everybody.

Although the majority of his songs belong to a variety of styles and genres, they are all linked together in some way. Ratchet sees it as a medium through which he may convey his own states of mind and sentiments. Sometimes the meaning is immediately apparent, while other times it is concealed deep inside the music. Ratchet has aspirations of being a successful musician in the future, despite the fact that he is still a student. A future that extends beyond the confines of his conventional bedroom studio.

Ratchet is back with another tune that is both energising and exhilarating, and this one has a sound that can practically only be compared to the soundtrack of a horror movie. His new song, “Fixed Heart,” most certainly brings to the table energising and uplifting rhythms, strange lyrics, an unusual song arrangement, and luscious, gloomy chords.

Ratchet discusses the most sinister aspect of the human condition, which is something that every individual has, but at the same time, he is attempting to feel some kind of guilt, which is reinforced by several layers of different melodic sounds. Ratchet is able to communicate his lyrical tales via fresh and original perspectives because to the fact that the arrangement of his song is completely unique.

Rachet and MrrrDaisy had a private talk in which he revealed more about his music and profession.

What is your real and showbiz name?
My real name is “Karel (Johannes) Laureijs” and I go by the name of “Ratchet”.
You could also know me as “Silent Ratchet” or “The Monkey Man”, but most people know me as “Ratchet”.

Where are you from (hometown)?
I’m born and raised in the Netherlands. Specifically, a place in Zuid-Holland called Leiden!

How did you get into music?
It all started during my first years of secondary school. I hadn’t spoken to my friends for years and I started to feel a little bit lonely. During this time I also had a crush on a girl, that shared the same subjects as me. She always talked about music and that she loved to play the guitar.

In order to get her attention I wanted to learn her favourite song on guitar, and play it in front of her during our music class. The problem was that I had never touched a guitar in my life. I watched every single guitar tutorial on YouTube and that’s where it all started.

I loved it so much that I wanted to do more than just study someone else songs. In short, not only did making my own music help me speak to the girl I liked, but I also used it as a tool to show the people I hadn’t spoken to for a while that I’m more than alive.

Ratchet Releases Heartfelt Single 'Fixed Heart'
Ratchet Releases Heartfelt Single ‘Fixed Heart’

What field or genre are you into and give a brief description of what your field feels like?
I mostly listen to genres like Indie; Indie-Rock; Surf-Rock; Alternative; Punk; Post-Punk; Skate-Punk; Psychedelic; Bedroom-pop; Hip-Hop and much more.

My music is best described with most of the already named tags, but it may differ. Usually, however, it is still somewhere in the same corner. I’ve also released some music on specific platforms that totally don’t fit in with the discussed tags. Sometimes I just feel like doing something totally different.

Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why??
My biggest inspirations are people like “King Krule”, “Mac Demarco”, “Eyedress”, “Puma Blue”, “The garden” and lots of other artists.

They inspired me because of their nontraditional approach to making music. They’re all artists that you have to get used to in the beginning. Something like wine; the longer you wait, the better it starts to taste. These people really influenced my taste in music and even behaviour.

It’s not like I would ever want to copy them, but I really like their technique and approach to music and I think it’s definitely something I can learn from. Apart from artists, my parents are also people I would really like to mention.

They always support me and my work; even taking into account all the constructive criticism. Also, if it wasn’t for my dad I would never have learned or tried playing the guitar.

What does your current song mean to you?
For me, it’s nothing more than a fancy way of getting my message across. For example, one of the biggest reasons why I started to make music is because I wanted to tell people how I actually felt, during a lonesome time.

In this song, I tell how I have never changed from being the same person I was years ago. No matter how hard I try, I’ll always be in this same body with the same traits. I’ll always have my own heart, which is the core of my functioning body.

A “Fixed Heart”. The song and lyrics could be applied to every human walking on this earth, and could be described as: “A glimpse into the darkest human side that every person possesses, while at the same time trying to still feel some remorse”.

What do you do aside from this profession?
I’ve just finished the first year of my new study called “Music and Technology”, which I attend at the “HKU” in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In this study, I get to learn all kinds of stuff about making music and sounds, and the whole industry surrounding it.

I really enjoy it and I’m very grateful that I made it through the selection, but I also got to say that some subjects and projects raised some questions. But hey, I always tell myself that every experience can teach you something!

What are your hobbies?
Other than making lots of music, I love to shoot and edit videos for my YouTube and Instagram pages.

Besides that, I also like to draw small drawings, which I include throughout my whole discography. Lastly, I’m a little bit addicted to playing games. Mainly horror; survival and open-world games!

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