RahThatsMad Collaborates With Maaz On New Single “Wavy”

RahThatsMad Collaborates With Maaz On New Single "Wavy"

RahThatsMad Collaborates With Maaz On New Single “Wavy”

RahThatsMad is a North London-based Hip-Hop musician whose music style reflects his laid-back and open nature. In each of his songs, he strives to offer a fresh personal truth, making delightful music for himself and others while giving a picture of who he is to the world.

If you asked Rah who his greatest artistic inspiration was, he couldn’t offer you a single person. He grew up listening to a wide range of music, from hip-hop to R&B, Grime to 80s Pop, Reggae to Classic Rock. This was augmented by his exposure to traditional music as a result of his Indian background. Rah draws inspiration for his own songwriting from as many genres as possible in order to broaden his horizons, experiment with new techniques, and push the frontiers of British hip-hop.

They released their new track, “Wavy,” produced by Zel, alongside fellow singer Maaz. The song is a catchy and cheerful UK Rap/Hip-hop anthem about proving detractors wrong and rising above them via our music. RahThatsMad sought to introduce a humorous yet energetic attitude to the hook and first verse with some rapid rhyme schemes and a catchy tune throughout the chorus. When combined with Maaz’s impassioned flow and amazing lyrics, we believe the music is complete and fits nicely within the current UK/Global scene.

Overall, Rah just wishes to provide his own distinct flavour to the music world.

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