Queen Peezy Is Not My Girlfriend – Patapaa Explains Why

Well well well, look who we have here this time around….. the Skpa skpa skpa skedenken man himself Patapaa.

There have been several issues concerning Patapaa and his girlfriend, Queen Peezy unraveling. The story continues!!

Patapaa has finally broken his silence on the whole buzz and controversy surrounding himself and Queen Peezy.

According to him, there is just one “Queen Peezy” and it is not the one in Ghana but the white lady he was with in Europe.

Queen Peezy Is Not My Girlfriend – Patapaa Explains Why
Patapaa and Queen Peezy

He emphasized that, his relationship with Queen Peezy was just for hype and nothing else. Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Narrating how he met her, he said “I had this girl I was talking to on Whatsapp and she called me one day. She then introduced me to a friend of hers saying she was a model.”

According to Patapaa, that move was just to make her model friend go along with him to everywhere he goes.

“The next day, we went for a photoshoot and one of the pictures in which I kissed her started trending. So I decided to drop ‘Mene Woa” so it goes with the trend”, he added.

Queen Peezy Is Not My Girlfriend – Patapaa Explains Why
Queen Peezy

The “One Corner” hitmaker also stated emphatically that, he never gave Queen Peezy any promise ring. He never did that!!!

Patapaa also indicated that, for everything she did and said in his absence was all for hype. She wanted to associate herself to him just as Xandy Kamel did.

Watch the full interview with Zion Felix below….

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