Princess Ella Presents New Sensual Single “Your Love”

Because with Princess Ella, you now have the ability to enter a state of mind that is all at once seductive, beautiful, compassionate, and charming all thanks to the proper song.

The Nigerian singer used some enticing connotations in her most recent single, which is titled “Your Love,” in order to jolt our minds into yet another love state of mind.

The song is brought to a close by the softened vocals of Princess Ella, which narrate an amorous adventure of her performing in the bedroom, implying that her lover is extremely fortunate.

The outcome is a conversation in which the singer leans heavily on sexual intent; it is an intense exchange that will make you long for the feeling of being in love all over again.

The afrobeat love ballad with her confident voice and delivery, singing in a blend of pidgin English and Igbo in order to literally express the situation.

A dashing background of drum loops serves as the setting for her effusive adulation of the peculiar companion she shares her life.

Her goal is to inspire people all around the world to follow their aspirations while simultaneously spreading high-quality, diversified music all over the globe.

The United States-based singer and songwriter’s voice is powerful, and there is a lot of character in the way that she speaks. She has a wonderful ear for music and always gives her performances with confidence.

Listen to the song below and follow her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.


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