Praise Share Her Debut Single Dubbed ‘Tempted’

Praise is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York, who is 20 years old.

Her childhood and the environment around her were the sources of inspiration for this tune. Praise discusses the tension that arises from having to be strong in order to thrive in an environment that also demands one to be feminine.

Underneath “Tempted” by Praise are lyrics that are forthright and boastful, and they make use of the finest elements of the voice sample from “Tempted to Touch.” It’s the kind of song that gets people banging their heads and drives them to play it very loud on their vehicle stereos.

Her demeanour is congruent with the intensity and lyrical brilliance she has, which combines to produce a full, crowd-pleasing drill banger.

Praise decided to release a song in the drill genre because she feels that drill is the sound of the city at the moment and she wants to embrace and be a part of New York. The song “Praise” is a depiction of her coming into her own as an artist, and it showcases her growing confidence.

It samples “Tempted to touch” by Rupee, but has hard lyrics that represent my experience as a woman raised in Brooklyn. It’s a mix of being pretty and girlie, but also having that gangsta attitude that’s “with whatever.

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