PopsNotTheFather – NNNN (Not Now Not Never) EP

PopsNotTheFather – NNNN (Not Now Not Never) EP

Countless studio sessions over fifteen months and a global pandemic later, popsnotthefather has debuted his first EP, NNNN [Not Now Not Never]. Produced by 808x, the 12-track EP takes listeners through good times, jaded reminiscing, and carefree playfulness. Laden with strong basslines and soulful R&B soundscapes, NNNN sees popsnotthefather find his niche.

According to the “DRESSSHIRT” crooner, he would describe this EP as one that grows on the listener. “Some of my favourite albums are those with a few songs that eventually grow on you over time. Looking back, those projects are the ones I’ve resonated with to this day. That’s what I strived for with my EP. I wanted to create a sound you could fall in love with…Maybe Not Now but definitely, Not Never,” he explains.

NNNN (Not Now Not Never) clocks in just shy of 30-minutes, making it an easy listen. popsnotthefather was specific in his feature choices, noting online that he was initially more inclined to drop a project without features. However, thanks to some apt thinking from his A&R, he managed to secure two international features from Ghanaian musicians, KwakuBs and Hama. Interestingly, it is the longest song, “PIMPHAND” that bears contributions from none other than fellow Innanetwav label mate, Southside Mohammed.

NNNN is a no-holds-barred project. Not wedded to the idea of setting a tracklist that thematically flowed, he instead focused on the homogeneity of 808x’s compositions. In his simple way of delivering a verse and a hook, popsnotthefather manages to bare all, often under two minutes. With his in your face album art, pops demands to be heard, without care to censor himself in the process. From his visual communication to his sonic delivery and the subject matter that brings everything together, NNNN (Not Now Not Never) is a candid, bold, and unapologetic labor of love.

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