Pop Artist BB Cooper Unleashes New Single Titled ‘ Medication’

Pop Artist BB Cooper Unleashes New Single Titled ' Medication'

Pop Artist BB Cooper Unleashes New Single Titled ‘ Medication’

BB Cooper returns with another song, just a few months after releasing his debut EP, Ticket to Contemplation. This time, he offers ‘Medication,’ an alt-pop ‘n rock tune with unique guitar and a notably gloomy vibe, albeit blues-inspired. Cooper claims that the song was created from an imagined perspective rather than from a firsthand experience of his. The song concentrates on the title hook “medicine” and how the songwriter imagines feeling the first time he takes medication.

BB Cooper is the criminal and musical genius behind the Ticket to Contemplation EP, which was published last summer on Cloud Kid. Coming from an unspecified place, there have been various attempts to guess his actual identity (including referring to him as DB instead), none of which have resulted in a disclosure. However, with this secrecy comes honesty, with many of Cooper’s songs and topics being personal in nature and indicative of his rocky path thus far. With BBC Radio Introducing already supporting his first EP tune, ‘Blame,’ as well as leading YouTube channels xKito, Galaxy, and Aviencloud, it is evident that BB Cooper is poised to continue taking the world, and radios, by storm.

Having completed his most extensive body of work to date and now releasing his first single post-EP, he urges you to get ready, grab a chute, and buckle in for another trip.

I’ve always been fearful of taking medication because I worry about it severely altering my state of mind, so with this song, I focused on that feeling and wrote it from the perspective of someone who has taken so much medication in their life that they are basically numb to its effects.“ – BB Cooper

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