Phoebe Katis Impresses With “To Feel The Rain”

Phoebe Katis’s new full-length album, “To Feel The Rain” is basically food for the soul with ingredients like lush harmonies, soaring orchestral motifs and top tier melodies mixing to give you a full and balanced diet.

Phoebe is a UK-born New York based singer and songwriter with a massive talent. Her voice so soothing it can melt the heart of strong men. Her lyrical game is on point too, thought provoking at the highest level and her delivery all sounds like someone who has been in the music game since the 80’s.

Katis’s “To Feel The Rain” is an independently produced album of eight great songs about the human experience, including coming to terms with one’s own identity, dealing with heartbreak, and contemplating one’s place in the cosmos.

“I wanted to express the internal quest for purpose and belief in yourself (tracks’ Manifesto’  ‘This Is It), something I have been feeling the pressure of now I’m nearly 30. One of my coping mechanisms (I have a few, haha) is to look at a picture of the universe to remind myself how tiny we really are and how everything we experience in the moment is the answer. This is it. And that’s a good thing! Not scary or pessimistic, but a way to find grounding and some kind of foothold in the madness,” explains Katis

Phoebe Katis has been consistently delivering gorgeous tunes, and on “To Feel The Rain,” she shows us once again why her cult fanbase keeps expanding. This is one successful artist who isn’t going away soon.

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