Phaize Gh – Back In The Building (Official Lyrics) Prodby. Apya Gh

Phaize Gh – Back In The Building (Official Lyrics) Prodby. Apya Gh

Phaize Gh - Back In The Building (Official Lyrics) Prodby. Apya Gh

Phaize Gh – Back In The Building (Official Lyrics) Prodby. Apya Gh

Yh, Yh shit is crazy merhn
You already know
Phaize in the building
So let me tell them


Yeah fans give me a minute
After I dropped you guys take it or leave it
Mama Se ɔmma me nyɛ nnwom biom God forbid it
Menso menhunu bɔne biaaa m’ayɛ I don’t get it
So I called and I asked her why????
Ɔse daakye ɔpɛsɛ mehyɛ suit ɛbɔ tie
Artist awieyɛ nnyɛ fɛ they just die like that so my son don’t give it a trtrtrtry.
Asem wei deɛ maante aseɛ aaba!!!
Boys no se mena ɔmo feeli and no other
Nti Menkɔso ntwerɛ nnwom no m’ame mpaaba
Menni hɔ na ɛbi mo kekekeka nsɛmfon aaaa kwa
So they all were like where have you been
Ebe like you lost in the scene
Me fans mete moase mentwa moano I will never get lost cos I was born to win
They wasting their time cos I’ve already seen
What they looking for am the best that’s what I mean
I’ve been to places that they’ve never been
So the day I fade out Fat Joe grow lean
Man, I don’t talk I just act
Nny3 motipɛn NE me better go get your dick sucked
Me dropee yɛ akyɛ but am still fully packed
Still fully packed team now or never never back
Down sɛ wopɛ me ahweaseɛ aaa better Luck
Cos I ain’t gonna stop this till I get married
Married? Fuck it till I get burried
Firisɛ Monka hwee Dede keke DJ Khaled
Hype no de3 mowɔ but it’s all invalid
In the Building mepɛ na me keep no one hunnid
I wanna go farther so I set no limit
Set no limit wanna scream to the world I did it
Massa wei yɛ real shid this ain’t gimmicks
Just tryna be me am made of black Guinness
I don’t just rap Man I spit deep so your flow no dey push me pussy ass niggas
Boys no ntumi pɛ they start false critics
moayɛ kokotako but to me you’re still midgets
Mopre mic ho deliver under one minute
Young Money me na mewɔ so moa twam G-UNIT
Bonsam mpo m’ayɛ ne ho adeɛ a, sɛ ɛnyɛ Motia na mentumi ne no ntwe mpena
Mopɛsɛ moyɛ tesɛ me to be Frank mo ne me nyɛ pɛ poo better Luck next time kyena
Momo deɛ sɛ camphor two days pɛna
You are nowhere to be found na mo din ayera
Hwɛ but me flow no me, dane Dane, no nti mesi dwom aaa Joe yɛbɔ me Ose Mourinho
Meto punches no careless but ɛba no real life aaaa I truly care, Gino,
Nti meka mehoa obiara ntumi ntena A.S.E.M na obiaa hwehwɛ pillow
Massa obiaa refollow trend so you all taking this way but am still enjoying Milo
Afei obiara ɔse 2gee but today I bring you to the lililite 4gee
That was a punch right there better rewind sɛ w’ate aseɛ aaa put your hands up for me
Boys nnyɛ real all wanna wanna bees Bibiaa yɛ fake stop acting Paul Gee
I was tough and am still getting tougher yɛse mesɛ hwan koraa Baahu-Bali
Phaize mede Phaize nso Ɔmo hunu me Paedae the problem
I scare them to make them move to the Galem
Heyba Am about to gogogogetem
Man I reign Ebony nti mehu rap Baby Kaafoi ɛdeda menenenanso
Wotry mea mede wisa flow no ekiki wo what a shock na photo fam ban ho
Still in the building mogyina kwakwakwan ho
Mena mereyɛ no yie modeɛ sɛ moo waewae ho
Metaa kotoko akyi but forget Borga yɛse me style no yɛ Original Hearts
Boys bɛyɛ 1000 I hammer on them all sisisiaa bɛhwɛ aka the last 2
YH these boys they Rush
Am about to burburburn them all to ash
Obiara renya me ayɛ mo sususua me oh my Gosh
Rest in peace to the boys who hate on us

You already know Am still back in the building.
Y’all niggas wanna see me gone shit am still Back in the building.
Yh man I keep it on the low am still back in the building.
Fuck y’all niggas who talk shit am still back in the building.
Yh yh
Merhn I cant feel my face I cant feel my face shit
Phaize Nation
Stammer rapper

Martin Donaldson Daisy is the Owner of Music Arena Gh.  As a graphic designer, blogger and social media expertise, he is the confident and creative designer who is self-motivated, self-sufficient and comes to you with a strong background in both print and digital media. He currently lives and study's Digital Media in Nottingham College, United Kingdom.

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