People see me on a god level – Kelvin Blackmoore 

People see me on a god level – Kelvin Blackmoore 

In a recent interview with the newly signed artiste to AMG,  Kelvin Blackmoore.  He told us about his career, visions and the way forward in the music industry. We asked him a series of questions. And this is what he had to say :

Mr Styx : To begin with would you mind telling us your real name?

K Blaq: Kelvin Abban 

Mr Styx : Oh nice. I thought blackmoore was your surname. 

K Blaq: It got to be registered first. 

Mr Styx : so how did you came by the name K BLAQ? 

K Blaq: Michael Moore used to spit in English back in shs,so I became the black version of Moore (Blackmoore),was rapping in the local dialect at that time. So it became kelvin Blackmoore ( k Blaq) 

Mr Styx : So how long have you been doing music?

K Blaq: 6years .

Mr Styx : Wow Nice..

Mr Styx : What genre of music do you do and what influences your music?

K Blaq: Thank you boss. I do Afrosoul. I rap and I sing. I would say Fela kuti and most at times I do songs depending on my mood. 

Mr Styx : How many hours do you spend in the studio each day?

K Blaq: Basically I’m always in the studio. All my songs are home recorded.Got a setup in the crib, so I would say everyday. 

Mr Styx : As a child what did your parents want you to be? 

K Blaq: I didn’t have a specific career imposed on me as a child.personally I wanted to be an architect. 

Mr Styx : Most parents say music making is a waste of time. How did your parents take the news when you told them about your intentions?

K Blaq: Well My dad is a veteran producer.He worked with names like Mac tonto, kojo Antwi ambolley. But my mum on the other side had her own views back then but she got to support the dream. 

Mr Styx : Who do you feel is the most motivating artiste?

K Blaq: I feel every artist channels energy from different aspects of life. If the message makes total sense from the listeners perspective it’s good music ,that makes a motivating artist.

Mr Styx : Meaning in Ghana you don’t have any favorite artiste. 

K Blaq: No.i don’t have a distinct Ghanaian artist in my playlist sha

Mr Styx : That’s surprising, but tell me so far have you had any encounter with a fan that has influenced you (positive/negative).

K Blaq: Yes.Positively sha. The reactions you get from the fans motivates you very much .they make you feel you are really working and elevating . 

 Mr Styx : Have you met any fan who recognized you, Did he do something extraordinary?

K Blaq: They see you on a god level, like they even scared to ask questions. 

People see me on a god level

Mr Styx : Heard you are signed to AMG business, how true is that?
K Blaq: true sha.its a family thing.
Mr Styx : Family.. You mean you are related to Criss Waddle. 
K Blaq: Code talk sha. Family, as in Im signed to the label. 
Mr Styx : How did it yhappen?

K Blaq: Heard my song through someone,came right over and we recorded 

Mr Styx : And he signed you… Wow Amazing
K Blaq: Any smart person identifies good talent on a spot I’d say
Mr Styx : If you were not doing music what do you think you would have been doing?
K Blaq: The hustle as always been music because I grew up in it.but as I was saying,I had an interest in architecture along the line. 
Mr Styx : What do you think are the loopholes in our current music industry and do you think we have an industry at all because certain people believe there is no music industry in Ghana? 
K Blaq: The fact that artist hate on each other instead of working hand in hand
Mr Styx : Do you believe we have an industry at all because certain people believe there is no music industry in Ghana? 
K Blaq: We have an industry and Artistes should feel free working together that’s most important. 
Mr Styx : Any new project?
Mr Styx : What should your fans look out for?? 
K Blaq: The pay back season set to drop later this year And singles off the tape .
Mr Styx : Any message to upcoming artiste? 
K Blaq: Follow your instincts it’s the safest . The come up is difficult but easy free fall when you coming down .
Mr Styx : Thank you for your time..

My dad is a veteran producer

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