Patrick Ames Unveils A Brand New Album ‘Harmonium’

Patrick Ames is a singer, songwriter, and composer who hails from Napa Valley in the United States.

Patrick, who has been active in the music business for a significant amount of time, has just presented us with a fresh new album that he calls “Harmonium.” The “Harmonium” collection is without a doubt his most potent and life-affirming work to this point.
Omicron virus wave and the title of the book is Harmonium, which was also the title of Wallace Stevens’s first collection of poems, which was published in 1923.
Patrick Ames Unveils A Brand New Album 'Harmonium'
Patrick Ames Unveils A Brand New Album ‘Harmonium’
“Harmonium” is a stripped-down album consisting of just seven tracks that deceivingly focuses on the raw and exquisite depiction of the human experience. The poetry and voice delivery of Patrick are both lyrical and intuitive, and they reflect an inner knowledge as well as a dogged quest for the truth, regardless of how unusual, humorous, or tough the subject matter may be.
These tunes, which Patrick penned and thought of in his family’s vineyard, have a sound that is about as instantly natural as it gets.
“Harmonium” is an album that packs a powerful emotional punch despite its sparse track listing and intentionally exposed, unpolished delivery style.

This basic approach to composition was advanced by Harmonium’s producer, Jon Ireson. He maintained it intact. He maintained people’s interest by doing so. His bass lines throughout the whole LP are magnificent, and each and every one of them is deserving of its own hearing.
However, he was also responsible for playing or programming practically all of the instruments, carrying on our long-distance partnership that was started with the Virtualistics album.
Chana Matthews came in at the last end to record with us, and both her voice and her energy are breathtakingly beautiful and soaring. As you can hear, we had a lot of fun in the recording studio.

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