Paenda Releases Butterflies Into Our Ears

When she was a youngster, Paenda was confident that she wanted to be a musician. In addition to singing, the vocalist also learns to play a variety of instruments.

There are now new tonal options to explore for the artist when she enters into production, and electronic pop is their new playing ground.

In 2017, the act Paenda makes its debut in the music industry and immediately becomes well-known, not only for the colour of her hair.

Good Girl” and “Identity” are examples of her early work that highlight her experience as a trained musician, combining complex sound structures and rhythms with catchy electro-pop melodies. ” At her most comfortable, the musician is on stage.

As a support act for Jessie J at festivals like Donauinselfest and Digital Analog in Germany, she demonstrates that a stage is a place she feels more at ease than in her own studio. The Paenda insider tip is making the rounds. It’s intoxicating and real.

Paenda Releases Butterflies Into Our Ears
Paenda Releases Butterflies Into Our Ears

From “Best of it” with GxG to the summer hit “Desire me not to want you,” Paenda will be back in 2020 with a new sound and an abundance of new songs. “My Heart” will be Paenda’s newest EP, and it will include three new pop tunes.

Another leap forward came in 2021 with the publication of Paenda’s EP “My Issues” and the subsequent release of multiple collaborative songs with different artists, which resulted in five New Music Friday spots and even more New Music Daily placements.

When you think about Paenda, you may picture the Austrian artist’s signature colour: icy blue. Her reputation as a self-confident, real pop artist who is equally at home in the studio as on stage has earned her the title of “pop queen.”

I think it’s the first time that I sing this line in a song | but for you – I don’t care – I’m gonna scream from the top of my lungs | how much I’m in love with you | and this is your song: “Love songs were never my thing

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