Paenda Releases An Indie Pop Track With Strong Political Message ‘Say It’

Paenda was certain that she wanted to be a musician when she was a child. The singer not only learns to sing but also to play an array of instruments.

When an artist joins the production process, she has additional tonal alternatives to experiment with, and electronic pop is their new playground.

“Say It” is PAENDA’s first song in which she expresses her views on social and political issues. Doing this expertly: The musician confronts the world’s decision-makers in an open letter, challenging their hypocrisy:!

Throughout our lives, we’ve been taught that we’re capable of making a difference. With age comes a realisation that politics, big business and the top crust aren’t interested in a more egalitarian society.

These people just care that we feel heard. Making things right might often seem like attempting to lift an enormous mound one grain at a time.

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