Oriana Nash Finally Premieres ‘More Than We Were’

Oriana Nash understood the instant she saw The Phantom of the Opera that she was obsessed with more than one Mother Monster. She realised this the moment she saw Christine.

She may have known, even at the age of seven, that this fiercely-attired outcast was the true OG when it comes to a “Born this Way,” due to the fact that she had empathy.

Oriana Nash’s experimentalism flourishes as she dabbles with whatever musical subgenre or subgenres she seems to be connecting with at any given time. She finds inspiration in a wide variety of musical forms.

Oriana Nash, a young singer and songwriter residing in New York City, is steadfast in her refusal to be categorised or confined to a singular story.

She is too busy waving her red cups in the air and opening doors for anyone who cares to dance along to her story for inclusivity to be a brand slogan for her, nor is she about to soften any of her rainbow edges or stay in any one lane for the sake of playing it safe.

She is not about to soften any of her rainbow edges, nor is she about to stay in any one lane for the sake of playing it safe.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that her most recent single, which is a remix of her debut single titled “More Than We Were” and was produced by Steve Brian, a global EDM producer and DJ, is a departure from both the melancholy indie-style musings and the sneaker-catapulting, pop-rock springiness of her previous efforts.

Instead, Steve Brian, whose music has received deck support from the legendary house and trance artists such as Armin van Buuren and Tisto, brings panoramic beach party beats to the forefront, resulting in a track that is destined to radiate off reality TV screens wherever teary-eyed drama and euphoria unfold in equal measure.

It is uncharted ground for Nash, but with just a few months left before 2022 comes to a close, the highs and lows that are shown in these three minutes are sure to strike a chord with whoever shows up to the celebration.

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